Quality control

Our certificates also ensure a competitive advantage for our partners.

Our certificates verify the meeting of high standards in food production and quality management. In this way, we provide our business partners with a competitive advantage on the market. We also condition the meeting of high standards to our partners, exclusively reputable companies, from which we acquire raw materials.

HACCP i IFS certifikati

HACCP is the acronym for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, which refers to the system of providing food security for the end-customer, so that the health hazards for products are analysed in every part of the process of food production, from farm to table. In each process and at every step of the process, analysis is conducted of the possible adverse effects on food (chemical e.g. increased quantity of pesticides, microbiological  e.g. favourable conditions for the development of microorganisms, and physical: e.g. contamination with metal elements), the points in the process where risks are possible and probable are highlighted and supervision is established over these so-called critical control points so as to ensure that at any moment only safe food is produced.  This is why the Stil Bakery has introduced the HACCP system and with it the system for risk analysis and established supervision of critical control points in its production processes to maintain constant control over all of its products. Thus, the bakery’s consumers are offered at all times safe and high quality bakery or pastry products.

IFS is the acronym for International Featured Standard and prescribes the requirements for food industry organizations. This standard ensures that food products are controlled throughout the process, from production to final consumer. IFS includes 8 food and non-food standards covering the entire production and supply chain.

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