Production of bread, rolls, krapfen and donuts of premium quality - ready for consumption without baking

Our frozen products are a wholistic bakery solution that requires no additional ingredients, preparation or baking, but with products ready to sell and consume immediately after thawing. Save time and guarantee customers tasty products of premium quality.
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IFS food quality control

Our certificates verify the meeting of high standards in food production and quality management. In this way, we provide our business partners with a competitive advantage on the market. We also condition the meeting of high standards to our partners, exclusively reputable companies, from which we acquire raw materials.

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Unaprjeđenje poslovanja i prilagodba diversifikaciji proizvodnje primjenom IKT rješenja


Unaprjeđenje poslovanja i prilagodba diversifikaciji proizvodnje primjenom IKT rješenja

Predmetni projekt usmjeren je na ulaganje u nabavku i implementaciju IKT rješenja koje će Prijavitelju STIL -  Pekarna d.o.o. omogućiti prilagodbu internih procesa nedavno provedenoj diversifikaciji proizvodnog programa i unaprjeđenju cjelokupnog poslovanja.

2. izmjena natječajne dokumentacije br. 03/2018


2nd amendment of tender documentation no. 03/2018

Project: Expansion of capacities for producing bakery products (reference:  KK.

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