European Funds

The creation of the website was co-financed by European Union funds from the European Regional Development Fund.
The content of the broadcast material is the sole responsibility of Stil pekarna d.o.o. (Stil Bakery Llc.).

Project title
 "Enhancement of the Stil Bakery webpages aimed at increasing the competitiveness and internationalization of business", project code KKK.

A brief description of the project
Project realization has enabled  enhancement of the Applicant's website positioned at the domain by a specialized provider of the service, Bernardić studio d.o.o. (Llc.) with high-quality references, especially in the food sector.
The project included the following activities: defining the structure of the web solution, creating the technical and functional specification of the system, accepting the technical and functional specification of the system by the Customer, publishing the initial installation of the entire web solution, configuring the system according to the accepted specification, adaptation according to the accepted specification (for viewing on desktop, tablet and smartphone devices, for persons with accessibility issues and visually impaired persons), implementation of the accepted web site layout, testing of the system, production of the entire web solution .
The enhanced web page, also optimised according to recent web standards, has a design adapted to mobile devices and tablets (responsive design) and  optimized web solution loading by using different cache technologies. In addition to creating a new conceptual solution that has provided consumers with a better interactive overview of the offer, improvements relevant to expanding the customer base and increased visibility on online channels have been implemented.

Project objectives and expected results
The overall objective of the project is the strengthening of the company’s market position, and thus the strengthening of small and medium entrepreneurship through enhanced application of network solutions.

The specific objectives of the project are:
 A) improving the presence on the domestic and foreign markets;
 b) increasing the visibility of service;
 c) supporting the development of an information society in the Republic of Croatia.

The main expected impact this project will generate is the growth of overall revenues thanks to the above-mentioned improved communication with consumers, better positioning on online search engines and a more professional and modern web site that will contribute to strengthening the Stil Bakery brand and its position on the local and foreign bakery product markets.
By strengthening market position and increasing competitiveness, the project will modernize the existing website and implement a functionality that will enable improved sales and more effective communication with customers. This will allow for an expansion of the customer base, increase of customer satisfaction and creation of preconditions for competitiveness growth and increased sales revenues.
The expected results of the project are reflected in the goals of strengthening the market position as a result of better presentation of services, the availability of information from the website to a wider base of targeted buyers and consumers, and a better positioning on online search engines. The realization of the project and the improvement of the webpages ensure continued company growth and create assumptions for even more successful business practice. Improving content and upgrading the website will make it easier and faster for interested customers to obtain information which will encourage an increasing number of customers to interact, thus creating a larger database of potential and future customers.
The sustainability of the project will be ensured through continuous work on maintenance and improvement of the content produced on the web pages, thus indirectly through business relations with existing customers, actively searching for new customers, and continued work on the expansion of the customer base.
The added value of the project is reflected in the fact that the content on the website will be accessible to people with reading disabilities, thus encouraging their integration and participation in the labour market.

The total value of the project and the amount co-financed by the EU (in HRK)
 •  the total value of the project is HRK 45,000.00
 •  the Total value of the project (eligible costs) is HRK 36,000.00
 •  the EU contribution to the financing of the project is HRK 25,200.00

 Implementation period
 25 February 2019 - 25 February 2020
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The creation of the website was co-financed by European Union funds from the European Regional Development Fund.
The content of the broadcast material is the sole responsibility of the Stil pekarna d.o.o. (Stil Bakery LLc.).