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About us

STIL PEKARNA d.o.o. /STIL BAKERY ltd./ was established in 1987. Its development has been constant all these years, making us today one of the key manufacturers of bakery products in Croatia. With us, quality always comes first. All our suppliers of flour, whole grain semolina, seeds and other raw materials are exclusively renowned companies whose goods have to meet health and hygiene safety requirements, that is, have the appropriate test certificates, and only such raw materials may be unloaded in our warehouse.

Thanks to our fully fitted production facilities over an area of 4500 square meters, new equipment, and our team of 127 employees, whom we are particularly proud of, we are capable of producing all kinds of the highest quality bakery products. 

STIL BAKERY ltd. has developed in two directions:

  • Manufacture of frozen krapfen and doughnuts that are ready-made for sale.
  • Manufacture of products with various forms of shredded grain and whole grain flour, oat flakes, and products with flax, sesame, sunflower and pumpkin seeds. 

If you are open to partnership cooperation, see our B2B section

We are proud that STIL bakery ltd. is to thank for the consumption of better and healthier bakery products in Croatia today.

Dinko Omrčen